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2203Bug reportClosedLowGPS Tools: spaces in Output File path2010-06-12 10:59 AM
2176Bug reportClosedLowOGR converter: CSV export is broken2011-03-04 09:52 AM
2166Bug reportClosedNormalwith render caching enabled the overview goes wild when changing vector symbology2012-12-13 02:11 PM
2152Bug reportClosedLowDiagram overlays: retain diagram configuration after switching diagram type2011-09-03 02:37 AM
2113Bug reportOpenNormalcurved labels: only a few are drawn2018-10-14 11:20 PM
2104Bug reportClosedLowsnapping tolerance and vertex search radius not configurable anymore with changed decimal symbol2014-06-20 05:03 AM
2081Bug reportClosedLowOld Symbology: different rotation of symbol and label2013-07-21 04:55 PM
2068Bug reportClosedLowPostGIS attribute table annoyance2014-06-02 04:21 AM
2065Bug reportClosedLow'Show selected records only' not refreshing table when using the function "search"2013-06-01 08:58 AM
2038Bug reportClosedLowIncremental rendering of features does not work when render cache is used2014-06-02 04:07 AM
1989Bug reportClosedLowv.distance should have radio buttons, not checkboxes2016-02-22 09:47 AM
1978Bug reportClosedHighQGIS take ages to open big (or just complex) vectors2012-03-02 03:30 AM
1963Bug reportClosedLow"Ghost Lines" when using Anti-aliasing, polygons with shared boundaries, and no outline/QT::NoPen2018-09-30 03:55 PM
1934Bug reportClosedLowUnable to remove shapefile field in Attribute table2013-07-05 04:24 AM
1928Bug reportClosedLowCustom CRS def'n fails if name contains an apostrophe2012-04-17 08:21 AM
1917Bug reportClosedLow[Vista] GRASS module v.out.* crashes2009-12-06 01:43 PM
1895Bug reportClosedLowFile open progress does not update on OS X2014-10-14 12:57 AM
1893Bug reportReopenedLowopening data tables widens the main window2019-03-09 03:21 PM
1890Bug reportClosedLowGRASS plugin fails to read raster / vector data on windows xp and vista2009-08-26 10:19 AM
1867Bug reportClosedLowGRASS: a few modules need multiple selection or better multiple selection2014-06-20 03:29 AM
1796Bug reportOpenLowMulti-line text in a SVG file is not drawn correctly in Print Composer2018-02-25 05:11 PM
1785Bug reportClosedLowmultiple maps for and r.covar2016-02-15 12:27 AM
1759Bug reportClosedLowGrids seems to miss lines2010-01-25 02:29 PM
1735Bug reportClosedLowSupport newer GRASS version (modules directories)2015-11-13 07:22 AM
1722Bug reportClosedLowPyramids are not build if tifw contains rotations2019-03-09 04:04 PM

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