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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
17303QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalChange default setting to 'Checked' for Processing Options "Use filename as layer name" Victor Olaya10/18/2017 11:09 AM
17302QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalPartitioned Table using PostgreSQL 10 native partitioning won't loadJürgen Fischer10/18/2017 11:14 AM
17301QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormal3d view doesn't work with global basemapsMartin Dobias10/18/2017 08:57 AM
17300QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalAggregate functions in Field Calculator in modeller10/18/2017 08:58 AM
17299QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalHistogram for graduated style in layer properties disappears when the layer properties window is too small10/17/2017 07:10 PM
17298QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: gdal merge python error on QGIS 3Victor Olaya10/17/2017 04:58 PM
17297QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighOverwriting environment variables with custom variables in Options -> System does not work10/17/2017 04:05 PM
17296QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighStrnage behaviours od Measurement settings dropdowns inside project CRS properties10/17/2017 10:06 PM
17295QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalvector styler in layer properties shows "This renderer doesn't implement a graphical interface" message since 2.18.12 ?10/18/2017 10:47 AM
17294QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalDefaulting select the "NULL" text when single-click edit only on a "null cell" in attribute table window.10/17/2017 08:52 AM
17293QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalProcessing output name called after the operation name even when saved to fileVictor Olaya10/18/2017 11:06 AM
17292QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighData Source Manager: WFS loads layer two time if you use the Add button, and then click OK10/17/2017 09:05 AM
17288QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalQGIS3: OGR processing of scratch layers leads to wrong encodingVictor Olaya10/16/2017 01:16 PM
17287QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalOGR processing of scratch layers doesn't workGiovanni Manghi10/17/2017 07:26 PM
17286QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighInstant 3d renderer crash with datasetMartin Dobias10/16/2017 12:00 PM
17285QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS3: reshape doesn't listen to "avoid intersection"10/16/2017 12:55 PM
17284QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS3: setting in snapping toolbar not highlighted10/16/2017 12:33 AM
17282QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalLegend image for root group of WMS service10/16/2017 12:29 PM
17281QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalComposer shortcuts issues when using languages other than english10/16/2017 04:57 PM
17280QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighWhen switch between filtered modes, the edited cells stop updating themselves.10/17/2017 12:03 PM
17279QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighWorking with QgisBrowser widget makes my QGIS crash more often10/16/2017 09:04 PM
17277QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalAtlas - filter attribute table return empty table if layers haven't the same CRS10/17/2017 12:20 PM
17276QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormaladd scram authentication for postgres10/13/2017 01:03 PM
17275QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalMerge different progress bars10/13/2017 11:17 AM
17274QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAuto wrap legend text based on character count10/13/2017 10:33 AM

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