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9741QGIS Redmine (QGIS bug tracker)SupportOpenSevere/RegressionSSH key upload and management is missing03/28/2014 10:39 AM
17523QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRaster calculator cannot handle huge raster files 11/22/2017 06:43 PM
17511QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighadding two instances of the same gpkg layer and editing on one of them crashes qgis11/21/2017 06:11 PM
17510QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighqgis crashed on closing 11/22/2017 07:32 AM
17505QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRelation reference widget doesn't update to NULL value when deleting a referencePaul Blottiere11/22/2017 09:28 AM
17504QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHigh"Pixel Size" and "no data value" in raster layer metadata missing (2.99)11/21/2017 11:21 AM
17492QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS master: action names do not show11/21/2017 01:53 PM
17491QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS maste: map tips too many quotes are added when insterting an attribute11/21/2017 01:57 PM
17490QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighConfirmation dialog for save / rollback / cancel all layers changes no longer appears in master11/21/2017 02:04 PM
17488QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing Modeler: Defective GUI Victor Olaya11/22/2017 02:42 AM
17485QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighRendering no longer updated after few saved edits11/21/2017 09:22 PM
17483QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighIn the modeller: AttributeError: 'QgsProcessingAlgorithm' object has no attribute 'help' Victor Olaya11/21/2017 04:42 PM
17478QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCreated composer title in Composer Manager emptyDavid Signer11/16/2017 04:58 PM
17472QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighClicking the "In Project" checkbox in Bookmarks panel corrupts the bookmarks list11/15/2017 09:29 PM
17471QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: in GRASS/QGIS 3 inputs parameters (even optional) are always filledVictor Olaya11/15/2017 04:46 PM
17470QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighEditing Z / M value in scratch layer using node tool triggers a crash when saving Paul Blottiere11/17/2017 01:06 AM
17468QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: "export/add geometry columns" corrupts dataVictor Olaya11/15/2017 10:53 AM
17460QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighcrash when removing layer11/14/2017 03:19 PM
17458QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighQGIS freezes when naming a style rule11/20/2017 11:51 AM
17455QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighvector layer properties: Wrong CRS reported in the Informations and Metadata tabs11/21/2017 12:01 PM
17453QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRight-click on QGIS Toolbars no longer shows the drop-down list of panels and toolbars11/14/2017 11:35 AM
17442QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCategorized style issue using numeric fields with NULL values11/13/2017 01:48 PM
17432QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighGRASS unit error: installation is not valid error message11/13/2017 12:54 PM
17430QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRaster inputs do not show in QGIS raster calcultator when using it in graphical modeler 11/13/2017 01:08 PM
17422QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: overwrite existing outputs does not works in QGIS masterVictor Olaya11/13/2017 11:34 AM

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