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17524QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalCannot save updates in csv file openned as vactor layer11/22/2017 06:50 PM
17523QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRaster calculator cannot handle huge raster files 11/22/2017 06:43 PM
17522QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalwhen opening a layer from geopackage use the sld format if qml format is not available11/22/2017 06:31 PM
17521QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalFreeze when loading form for feature with ValueRelation with multiple selection enabled11/22/2017 05:36 PM
17519QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalGetPrint issue: empty map in PDFPaul Blottiere11/22/2017 02:21 PM
17518QGIS ApplicationBug reportIn ProgressNormalBrowser panel D&D a layer onto a postgresql connection tree node icon fails without noticeAlessandro Pasotti11/22/2017 01:05 PM
17516QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalVariables are not correctly resolved in atlas layer filter expression11/22/2017 09:25 AM
17515QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormal3D crash with large-ish polygon layerMartin Dobias11/22/2017 07:25 AM
17514QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS 3D view - Setting DEM for terrain elevation cause canvas to go blankMartin Dobias11/22/2017 05:17 PM
17511QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighadding two instances of the same gpkg layer and editing on one of them crashes qgis11/21/2017 06:11 PM
17510QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighqgis crashed on closing 11/22/2017 07:32 AM
17509QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormal@geometry_point_count always equal to 111/21/2017 06:34 PM
17508QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalSaveAs Geopackage: >255 chars for txt field not allowed?11/21/2017 04:43 PM
17506QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAn option to decrease/increase symbol at the end11/21/2017 11:33 AM
17505QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRelation reference widget doesn't update to NULL value when deleting a referencePaul Blottiere11/22/2017 09:28 AM
17504QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHigh"Pixel Size" and "no data value" in raster layer metadata missing (2.99)11/21/2017 11:21 AM
17501QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalProblem with OTF projection of features crossing the dateline11/21/2017 01:29 PM
17500QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalCrash when deleting fields on joined layer11/21/2017 01:49 PM
17499QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalIdentify results not working correctly11/21/2017 12:10 PM
17495QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd DXF export functionality to processingVictor Olaya11/20/2017 01:52 AM
17493QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS 3D uses a lot of CPU even when idle11/22/2017 07:13 PM
17492QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS master: action names do not show11/21/2017 01:53 PM
17491QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS maste: map tips too many quotes are added when insterting an attribute11/21/2017 01:57 PM
17490QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighConfirmation dialog for save / rollback / cancel all layers changes no longer appears in master11/21/2017 02:04 PM
17488QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing Modeler: Defective GUI Victor Olaya11/22/2017 02:42 AM
17487QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalrotate labels tool does not work properly when canvas is rotated11/22/2017 11:01 AM
17486QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalHelp button does not work in its default implementation (returns a wrong url)11/22/2017 05:51 PM
17485QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighRendering no longer updated after few saved edits11/21/2017 09:22 PM
17484QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalDocked attribute table - not remembering position11/21/2017 03:50 PM
17483QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighIn the modeller: AttributeError: 'QgsProcessingAlgorithm' object has no attribute 'help' Victor Olaya11/21/2017 04:42 PM
17482QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd support for PostgreSQL JSON and JSONB column typesJürgen Fischer11/17/2017 10:54 AM
17481QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormal2.18.14 crashes if opening a project from a read only network share.11/21/2017 11:39 AM
17479QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalWMS provider not picking up Geoserver tilesets11/21/2017 04:46 PM
17478QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCreated composer title in Composer Manager emptyDavid Signer11/16/2017 04:58 PM
17477QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalLog message panel disappears11/16/2017 12:25 PM
17475QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS 2.99 Shortest Path not showing shortest routeBorys Jurgiel11/19/2017 10:30 PM
17474QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalwhen opening qgis by clicking gpkg -> open with qgis use projectinfo if available inside gpkg11/22/2017 06:15 PM
17472QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighClicking the "In Project" checkbox in Bookmarks panel corrupts the bookmarks list11/15/2017 09:29 PM
17471QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: in GRASS/QGIS 3 inputs parameters (even optional) are always filledVictor Olaya11/15/2017 04:46 PM
17470QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighEditing Z / M value in scratch layer using node tool triggers a crash when saving Paul Blottiere11/17/2017 01:06 AM
17468QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: "export/add geometry columns" corrupts dataVictor Olaya11/15/2017 10:53 AM
17465QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalBeing able to set a title for diagram categories11/14/2017 06:29 PM
17464QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalPreview in Data-defined size legend dialog doesn't scale symbols size when separated legend items options is selected11/14/2017 04:55 PM
17463QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalInconsistent behaviour of the preview frame in Data-defined size legend in Diagram properties11/14/2017 04:54 PM
17462QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalLayer symbology in layer panel behaves weirdly when the legend entries for diagram size with "Separated legend items" option is updated11/14/2017 04:54 PM
17461QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalApplying the vector layer properties dialog when diagram legend is enabled should not collapse the layer symbology in the Layer Panel11/14/2017 04:52 PM
17460QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighcrash when removing layer11/14/2017 03:19 PM
17459QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalBeing able to customize layer names based on applied style11/14/2017 01:04 PM
17458QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighQGIS freezes when naming a style rule11/20/2017 11:51 AM
17455QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighvector layer properties: Wrong CRS reported in the Informations and Metadata tabs11/21/2017 12:01 PM
17454QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalSimplify the steps to add history to metadata11/14/2017 11:36 AM
17453QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRight-click on QGIS Toolbars no longer shows the drop-down list of panels and toolbars11/14/2017 11:35 AM
17452QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalSet outline style for label background shapes11/14/2017 11:23 AM
17449QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalQGIS master does not open after installing on Ubuntu 16.0411/14/2017 09:15 AM
17448QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormal'Raster' menu split in two in some localesQGIS Translation Team11/19/2017 11:49 AM
17445QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalCustom Certificate Configuration on 2.99 on Ubuntu 17.1011/13/2017 05:27 PM
17443QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalPROCESSING: Mac OS Grass help path errorVictor Olaya11/14/2017 08:44 PM
17442QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCategorized style issue using numeric fields with NULL values11/13/2017 01:48 PM
17438QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalRaster Clipping working very slowVictor Olaya11/13/2017 10:46 AM
17437QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQgsFileDownloader tests need to be rewritten with a local server11/09/2017 07:20 PM
17434QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalOTF turned on when adding a (non spatial) postgresql table11/13/2017 11:03 AM
17433QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenLowQGIS in idle state after a while11/09/2017 06:13 PM
17432QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighGRASS unit error: installation is not valid error message11/13/2017 12:54 PM
17431QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd turntable support (flag -t)Giovanni Manghi11/13/2017 10:59 AM
17430QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighRaster inputs do not show in QGIS raster calcultator when using it in graphical modeler 11/13/2017 01:08 PM
17423QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS select by expression mismatch with MSSQL layers11/13/2017 11:00 AM
17422QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighProcessing: overwrite existing outputs does not works in QGIS masterVictor Olaya11/13/2017 11:34 AM
17421QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalprocessing: adding refactor fields alg into a model throws an errorVictor Olaya11/13/2017 01:04 PM
17420QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalSet text style of composer table on a per-cloumn basis11/07/2017 11:06 PM
17419QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd ability to edit rings in composer polygon item11/07/2017 11:03 PM
17418QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalUnicodeEncodeError when trying to create new layer with spatial index in DB manager11/13/2017 01:57 PM
17417QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalRule editor dialog (style) does not fit height of screen11/07/2017 09:22 PM
17416QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCrash on enabling 3D renderer for point layerMartin Dobias11/22/2017 08:21 PM
17414QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalExtents for Rotated Map Incorrect11/07/2017 05:30 PM
17411QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalNew version of plugins from 3rd party repo does not appear11/07/2017 02:44 PM
17408QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalRelation reference widgets randomly don't show the correct display valueMatthias Kuhn11/06/2017 03:52 PM
17406QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalEnable custom color (ie expression or virtual attribute) to define style of lines in attribute table11/06/2017 02:26 PM
17404QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighWindows does not show unicode characters11/06/2017 11:23 AM
17396QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormaladd space between grid frame and map in composer11/03/2017 03:29 PM
17395QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalFields of memory layers are renamed automatically by the translation11/03/2017 03:28 PM
17394QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd other anchors to non-fixed annotations11/14/2017 08:49 PM
17393QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalAnnotations without fixed map position move along when panning11/03/2017 01:07 PM
17391QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalicon size preview is kept when not selected in Options menu 11/03/2017 10:39 AM
17390QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalLayer definition file - default order bottom of layer list...11/03/2017 08:37 AM
17389QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalTranslatable strings: ensure a space is added after a colon (:) character11/03/2017 08:33 AM
17383QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalTooltips have low contrast on Ubuntu 17.1011/02/2017 01:19 PM
17382QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQGIS can't start with scipy > 0.1711/16/2017 12:23 PM
17381QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAction's short name not consistently used11/02/2017 11:49 AM
17380QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd sort option to processing "incremental field" algorithmNyall Dawson11/02/2017 03:21 AM
17379QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighWMS layers not rendered in Composer - 2.18.14-2 code revision 9d4ab51ee1Matthias Kuhn11/02/2017 01:07 PM
17378QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalSettings migration can only rename groups, not change the grouping Nathan Woodrow11/01/2017 11:41 PM
17376QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalQgsSettings::beginGroup() is superior to QgsSettings::SectionNathan Woodrow11/01/2017 10:40 PM
17375QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalPrint Composer ignores width values from expression11/02/2017 12:55 PM
17374QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalQGIS elevation interpolation from sprayer RTK data in agriculture11/02/2017 11:12 AM
17372QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalSUpport for multi-geometry WFS11/02/2017 12:18 PM
17370QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalpoint parameter bug in processing batch processVictor Olaya11/02/2017 03:53 PM
17368QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackLowCannot delete a value in a field of type "External resource"Denis Rouzaud11/02/2017 12:59 PM
17367QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalOffset tool doesn't honor snapping configuration10/31/2017 03:48 PM
17366QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalRemove old settings for vertex markers10/31/2017 09:10 AM
17364QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighsvg marker symbol: relative path brokenMartin Dobias10/31/2017 11:58 PM

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